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Nordic Alcohol and Drug Researchers' Assembly 2014

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The biannual Nordic Alcohol and Drug Researchers' Assembly (NADRA) was held in Stockholm, Sweden on August 27th – 29th 2014. We thank all participants for contributing to interesting and inspiring conference days! The next assembly will be in 2016.

The key theme of NADRA 2014 was "Use and abuse of alcohol research" and the keynote speakers at the assembly were:

- Dr. Alison Ritter, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at the University of New South Wales

- Dr. Staffan Furusten, Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research, SCORE

- Professor Jeff Collin , Global Public Health Unit, School of Social & Political Science, University of Edinburgh

The aim of the assembly is to gather primarily Nordic researchers working with alcohol and drug related issues to discuss research on trends and developments in consumption, prevention and treatment.

In connection to the Assembly the popular scientific web site PopNAD and Nordic Region in Focus (Norden i Fokus) hosted an open event discussing how the legalization of cannabis has been debated in the Nordic countries. The programme (in Swedish).

For further information:
Project manager Nina Karlsson,
tel. +358 45 872 0270

Communications adviser Jessica Gustafsson, 
tel. +358 40 060 5752
jessica.gustafsson[at] (communications)

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Start: 2014-08-27 - kl 10:30
Slut: 2014-08-29 - kl 14:00
Ersta Konferens, Erstagatan 1 K, Stockholm, Sweden
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