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Health Equity in the Nordic Region

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Increased health disparities and a welfare state under pressure - how can we strive towards good and equal public health in the Nordic region?

On 22–23 November 2018, the Nordic Welfare Centre and the Swedish chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers are organising a conference on health equity.

Lectures and seminars will relate to:

  • In what way can national public health policy support better health equity?
  • What is the correlation between good public management and health equity?
  • How can health disparities between different countries and regions be explained? What factors are responsible for increasing these health disparities?
  • Young people are drinking less alcohol – which factors are behind this development?
  • Mental health in the Nordic countries – how is the wellbeing of Nordic school children?

Nordic projects

In 2016 to 2018, the Nordic Arena for Public Health has financed Nordic projects intended to reduce health disparities between the region’s inhabitants. The project results will be published at the conference.

Free of charge

The conference is free of charge and directed primarily at persons working with public health and public health policy in the Nordic countries.

Time: 22–23 November 2018 (full + half day)
Location: Bryggarsalen at Odenplan in Stockholm (Norrtullsgatan 12N), Sweden

Registration opens in August.

Further information:
Senior Adviser Helena Lohmann, tel: +358 40 672 2057,
e-mail: helena.lohmann(at)

Communications Adviser Jessica Gustafsson, tel: +358 40 060 5752, jessica.gustafsson(at) (in Swedish)

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Start: 2018-11-22 - kl 00:00
Slut: 2018-11-23 - kl 00:00
Bryggarsalen at Odenplan in Stockholm (Norrtullsgatan 12N), Sweden
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