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Meaningful activities for people with congenital deafblindness

This course will explore meaningful activities for people who are congenitally deafblind. It will look at what activities are possible, how to do them and discuss the reasons why. There will be a focus on using the activities in communication development and the health benefits. Ethics, consent and ”meaningful” consent during activities will also be discussed


This course is primarily lecture based with some outdoor practical activities.  Participants will also be invited to share their experiences of meaningful activities with people who are congenitally deafblind.

Target groups

All staff that work with people with congenital deafblindness, especially those involved with or having an interest in physical activities.


Joe Gibson, PhD, lärare Skådalen, Norge, Maria Creutz, Nordens välfärdscenter more lecturers to be announced.

Course leader: Maria Creutz, Nordic welfare center

The presentations are in english and scandinavian (Norwegian, Danish and Swedish). If needed, translation to/from Scandinavian to/from Icelandic and Finnish is available.

Participation/Course Fee

Acommodation package is nok 4100 and includes accommodation in cottages with separate bedrooms (May 21th – 24th 2018), breakfast, conference coffee, lunch and dinner during the course.

Day package is nok 1900 and includes conference coffee, lunch and dinner during the course.

Cancellation policy

The last cancellation date is April 12th 2018. If cancellation occurs later than the last cancellation date, the participant will pay full price.

Deadline for application April 12th 2018


Start: 2018-05-22 - kl 09:00
Slut: 2018-05-24 - kl 13:00
Jonsgård, Sömådalen, Norge Shared transport from Röros to Sömådalen can be arranged.

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