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Nordic Welfare Centre

The Nordic Welfare Centre is an institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers. Its mission is to enhance social policy work in the Nordic countries through education, communication, research and development, networking and international co-operation.

The Nordic countries enjoy excellent standing in most international comparisons of living standards and wellbeing. The Nordic welfare model is based on a shared ideal: equality, social solidarity and social security for all.

Challenges such as continuous economic constraints, increasing average age of national populations and the increasing movement of people between countries nevertheless impose new constraints on the Nordic welfare model.

About us

The head office of the Nordic Welfare Centre is located in Stockholm, with a branch office in Finland. Its pan-Nordic board of directors is appointed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The institute co-ordinates comparative studies in the Nordic countries, prepares strategic opinions for politicians, organises events, and releases publications on current welfare issues.

Part of our work is international, working with global stakeholders in the social and health sector such as the European Union, the Council of Europe, the World Health Organization and the United Nations.
International collaborations, Nordic Welfare Center

Our focus areas

Public health
We initiate comparative Nordic research on alcohol, drug and tobacco issues. We also arrange seminars and disseminate research findings through our journal Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs and website PopNAD (scandinavian languages).

Labour market inclusion
We seek to combat exclusion of vulnerable people from the labour market. The vulnerable groups include young people with mental health issues, older people, school-dropouts and people with disabilities.

Disability issues
We promote full, independent and equitable participation of disabled people in society.

Integration of refugees and immigrants
The co-operation programme is designed to support the Nordic countries’ integration efforts by bolstering Nordic co-operation on the integration of refugees and immigrants ny sharing experiences and developing new knowledge.
Nordic co-operation on integration of refugees and immigrants

Welfare policy
We actively participate in promoting, discussing and improving the Nordic welfare model. Among other issues are elderly care and family policies

Welfare technology
We aim to promote and develop excellence within welfare technology in the Nordic countries and globally. We strive to increase the competences and implementation power when it comes to welfare technology within the Nordic region.


The institute’s activities are largely project-based. The duration of the projects varies between a few months to several years. Current projects include:

  • Nordic arena for public health issues
  • Disability policy in the Nordic region
  • CONNECT - a project about welfare technology


The Council for Nordic Co-operation on Disability

The institute is Secretariat for The Council for Nordic Co-operation on Disability, which advises the Nordic Council of Ministers both independently and in response to special assignments. Disseminating specialist information is a key function of the Council.

The Council consists of disability sector specialists appointed by the Nordic countries and autonomous regions, and representatives of organisations for the disabled appointed by national disability federations.

The Council was established by a decision of the Nordic Ministers for Co-operation in September 2012.

Nordic Welfare Research

Nordic Welfare Research is a scientific journal published by Norwegian publishing house, Universitetsforlaget, on commission by the Nordic Welfare Centre. Nordic Welfare Research will issue two publications per year.

Research contributions look at Nordic welfare issues and contain original research contributions written in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and English. Publication in the journal is meritorious and all articles are peer reviewed, meaning that they are reviewed by researchers outside the editorial team.

Nordic Welfare Reasearch (open access journal)

Press release (17 november 2016) 

Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs

Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (NAD) is a peer-reviewed journal for social science research into alcohol and drugs and associated policies. The journal focuses on alcohol and illegal drugs, but also covers tobacco and gambling. Articles are published in English and Scandinavian languages. The journal is published by Sage Publications.

With an increasing number of articles published in English, the journal also has a popular scientific website at www.popNAD.com publishing in Scandinavian languages only.

Nordic Alcohol and Drug Researchers’ Assembly (NADRA)

The Nordic Alcohol and Drug Researchers’ Assembly (NADRA) is organized by the Nordic Welfare Centre. The aim of the biannual assembly is to gather primarily Nordic researchers working with alcohol and drug related issues to discuss research on trends and developments in consumption, prevention and treatment.

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