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Collecting best pracice knowledge within welfare technology

Health and assisted living technology – or simply welfare technology, as we like to call it in the Nordic countries, is entering a critical phase. It now has to take the difficult step from merely being pilot projects to becoming an integrated part of the way public services are delivered.

To facilitate this step we have to solve some of our common Nordic challenges:

  • Too many projects with too little end product.
  • Too much focus on simply participating in projects, rather than ensuring that knowledge and results are properly embedded into the existing organization.
  • Too much re-inventing the wheel. Not enough cooperation and knowledge-sharing, and an inherent "not invented here"-thinking.
  • A weak common Nordic market for welfare technology. A great potential for strengthening a market, which today is very fragmented.

Creating an optimal process

CONNECT is trying to overcome these challenges by creating an optimal process for working with welfare technology – and creating a complete best practice toolkit for each step in that process. This is done by collecting best practice knowledge and experience using the bottom-up approach. Ten of the leading Nordic municipalities make out the core of the CONNECT project team and are joined by seven national authorities ensuring true Nordic validity across the entire Nordic region.

Our goal

Our goal is to create a process that eases the initial burden of working with welfare technology and provides you both with a structured approach as well as complete access to best practice knowledge to each of the steps leading up to and including the implementation of welfare technology into every day service.

The tool box

The nine step process can be found in the box below – and by clicking on each step in the process you access the best practice toolbox for that particular step. You can also find more information about the background of the project and the participants by clicking on the pictures below.

Vision - step one Strategy - step 2 Communication plan - step 3
Needs analysis - step 4 Market screening - step 5 Evalutation model - step 6
Procurement model - step 7 Implementation model - step 8 Effect monitoring - step 9

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