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1/12 Volume 29

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Matilda Hellman in cooperation with Robin Room,  William Kerr, Christoffer Tigerstedt
Beer – an antidote or a stepping stone to liquor? Conceptions of different beverage types in alcohol policy

Research reports

Øyvind Horverak
Does Norwegian alcohol policy favour lower alcohol content beverages? A historical overview

Hildigunnur Ólafsdóttir
The controversial discourse on beer in Iceland

Esa Österberg
The effects of favouring lower alcohol content beverages: Four examples from Finland

Matilda Hellman & Thomas Karlsson
In fear of a reversal back to the spirits-drinking era-the 2004 decrease of Finnish alcohol taxes in public discourse

Norman Giesbrecht & Ashley Wettlaufer & Emma Walker & Anca Ialomiteanu & Timothy Stockwell
Beer, wine and distilled spirits in Ontario: A comparison of recent policies, regulations and practices

Nordic alcohol statistics 2003-2010

Ståle Østhus
Nordic alcohol statistics 2003–2010


Författare: 1) Horverak, 2) Ólafsdóttir, 3) Österberg, 4) Hellman & Karlsson, 5) Giesbrecht & Wettlaufer & Walker & Ialomiteanu & Stockwell
Publikationsår: 2012
Publicerad: 2012-02-20 12:30:00
Språk: English
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