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1/14 Volume 31

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"Access to alcohol, drugs and other dependenceproducing goods has increased in many parts of the world and has affected all populations groups, including those under psychological stress or with preexisting mental health problems." - Kerstin Stenius


Kerstin Stenius
Complex problems and treatment system reforms
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Dominique Morisano & Thomas F. Babor & Katherine A. Robaina
Co-occurrence of substance use disorders with other psychiatric disorders: Implications for treatment services
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Research reports

Brian Rush
Evaluating the complex: Alternative models and measures for evaluating collaboration among substance use services with mental health, primary care and other services and sectors
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Tuukka Tammi & Kerstin Stenius
Capabilities for handling complex substance abuse problems and its relationship to the treatment system: Using the DDCAT instrument to explore local treatment systems in Finland
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Lena Lundgren & Catriona Wilkey & Deborah Chassler & Mikael Sandlund & Bengt-Åke Armelius & Kerstin Armelius & Jan Brännström
Integrating addiction and mental health treatment within a national addiction treatment system: Using multiple statistical methods to analyze client and interviewer assessment of co-occurring mental health problems (new page)

Jessica Storbjörk
Stakeholders’ arguments for and against moving Swedish substance abuse treatment to the health care system: How a fat reform proposal became a thin government bill
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Christoffer Tigerstedt & Pekka Hakkarainen
Juha Partanen (1936–2013)
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Pia Rosenqvist & Astrid Skretting & Kerstin Stenius
Klaus Mäkelä (1939–2013)
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Sturla Nordlund
Øyvind Horverak (1948-2013)
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Författare: Kerstin Stenius, Dominique Morisano, Thomas Babor, Katherine Robaina, Brian Rush, Tuukka Tammi, Jessica Storbjörk
Publikationsår: 2014
Publicerad: 2014-03-11 13:30:00
Språk: english
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