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2/14 Volume 31

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"In most countries RSOD, risky drinking and alcohol-related social consequences were positively related to being an importer as well as to amounts imported" - Ulrike Grittner et al.


Kerstin Stenius
No ordinary commodity – but quite ordinary consumers
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Research Reports

Ulrike Grittner & Nina-Katri Gustafsson & Petri Huhtanen & Johan Svensson & Sturla Nordlund & Kim Bloomfield 
Who are private alcohol importers in the Nordic countries?
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Anne Line Bretteville-Jensen & Erik Biørn & Randi Selmer 
Does screening participation affect cigarette smokers’ decision to quit? A long-horizon panel data analysis
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Kim Moeller & Michael Pedersen 
Cannabis retail purchases in a low-risk market: Purchase size and sex of buyers
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Marcus Blom Nilsson & Lena M. Lundgren & Deborah Chassler 
Predisposing, enabling and need factors of heroin addicts’ using prescribed methadone or buprenorphine for a year or longer: An exploratory study of drug treatment for heroin addicts in the Swedish welfare system
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Sara Rolando & Anu Katainen 
Images of alcoholism among adolescents in individualistic and collectivistic geographies
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Christophe Soussan & Anette Kjellgren
The flip side of “Spice”: The adverse effects of synthetic cannabinoids as discussed on a Swedish Internet forum (new page)



Sari Castrén & Anne H Salonen & Hannu Alho & Tuuli Lahti
Challenges in translating DSM-5 criteria for Gambling Disorder into Finnish (new page)


Författare: Kerstin Stenius, Sara Rolando, Marcus Nilsson, Christophe Soussan, Kim Moeller, Anne Line Bretteville-Jensen, Ulrike Grittner
Publikationsår: 2014
Publicerad: 2014-04-30 13:30:00
Språk: english
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