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3/14 Volume 31

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"Health care may not be as hot a topic as defence collaboration, but it is – fortunately – more obviously relevant for each and every one of us in the Nordic population! The Könberg report shows that Nordic co-operation can really contribute to better health." - Kerstin Stenius


Kerstin Stenius
The Könberg report and Nordic alcohol and tobacco co-operation
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Research Reports

Lars Fynbo 
Risk, control and self-identity: Young drunk drivers’ experiences with driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs
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Susanne Kelfve & Neda Agahi & Alexander Darin Mattsson & Carin Lennartsson 
Increased alcohol use over the past 20 years among the oldest old in Sweden
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Ingunn Olea Lund 
Characteristics of a national sample of victims of intimate partner violence (IPV): Associations between perpetrator substance use and physical IPV
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Anders Bergmark & Lisa Skogens & Ninive von Greiff
The pursuit of evidence-based practice: Comparisons of three guidelines on psychosocial interventions for alcohol problems
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Ole Næss & Ståle Opedal & Sverre M. Nesvåg 
Room for action? How service managers in three Scandinavian cities experience their possibilities to develop their services
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Riikka Perälä 
What drives treatment?
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Författare: Kerstin Stenius, Lars Fynbo, Ingunn Olea Lund, Susanne Kelfve, Anders Bergmark, Ole Naess, Riikka Perälä
Publikationsår: 2014
Publicerad: 2014-06-24 13:30:00
Språk: english
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