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3/07 Volume 24

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Kerstin Stenius: The contradictory ‘harm reduction’

Reseach reports

Ditte Andersen & Margaretha Järvinen: Harm reduction – ideals and paradoxes

Antti Weckroth: Drug-related harm according to opiate users on buprenorphine treatment

Commentaries on harm reduction

Astrid Skretting: Harm reduction – any limits?

Henrik Thiesen: Harm reduction, focusing on severe alcohol misuse in Copenhagen

Tuukka Tammi: How I would describe 21st century drug policy to Kettil Bruun

Morten Hulvej Jørgensen & Tine Curtis: Intergenerational dynamics in teenage alcohol use. Two scenarios on a single night in the Danish countryside

Michel Craplet: Prevention of alcohol- and tobacco-related harms. Education or control – must we choose?

Commentaries on Craplet’s article

 Jostein Rise: On time perspective, autonomy and various passions in health education

Olabisi Odejide: Political will is necessary to a comprehensive prevention approach

Robert Damberg: Education should give positive alternatives and focus on adults!


Kerstin Stenius: “Education crucial for social change.” Interview with Pekka Puska

Book reviews

Robert West: Theory of addiction (by Jostein Rise & Velibor Bobo Kovac)

Jessica Palm: Moral concerns – Treatment staff and user perspectives on alcohol and drug problems (by Hildigunnur Ólafsdóttir)

Tommi Hoikkala & Pekka Hakkarainen & Sofia Laine (eds.): Beyond Health Literacy. Youth Cultures, Prevention and Policy (by Jakob Demant)

Petra Kouvonen & Astrid Skrettig & Pia Rosenqvist (eds.): Drugs inthe Nordic and Baltic countries. Common concerns, different realities.(by Mikko Lagerspetz)



Matilda Hellman: Developing an effective alcohol policy for Russia

Kerstin Stenius: The International Society for the Study of Drug Policy


Nordic alcohol statistics 1993–2006



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