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4/13 Volume 30

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"In the papers and session discussing treatment and treatment systems, it became obvious how irrelevant the present research body is from the perspective of, for instance, Africa. The import of western models of highly professionalised, complex and costly treatment systems or methods would most probably do more harm than good. Instead, what is needed are regional development projects in order to incorporate or build treatment systems on informal support from peers, families and neighbourhoods, healers, the church and NGOs." - Kerstin Stenius


Kerstin Stenius
Towards a new global balance in alcohol research: Reflections on the Kettil Bruun Society’s meeting in Kampala (new page)

Research reports

Kalle Tryggvesson
Mot ett kontinentalt dryckesmönster, eller inte? Förändringar i svenskarnas alkoholkonsumtion mellan 1996 och 2005
(new page)


Pia Mäkelä & Janne Härkönen
Lessons learned from Sweden
(new page)

Hildigunnur Ólafsdóttir
A decade of increased drinking but stable drinking patterns
(new page)

Maarja Kobin Gendered drinking: Meanings and norms among young Estonian adults (new page)

Norman Giesbrecht & Esa Österberg WHO’s Global Strategy to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol: An assessment of recent policies andinterventions in Finland and Ontario, Canada (new page)

Ingeborg Rossow & Marianne Bang Hansen & Elisabet Esbjerg Storvoll Changes in youth gambling after the removal of slot machines in Norway (new page)

Heid Nøkleby Use of doping agents and symptoms of eating disordersamong male and female patients in drug addiction treatment (new page)

Book Reviews 

Peter Boyle et al. (eds.)
Peter Allebeck: Alcohol: Science, policy and public health
(new page)

Ragnar Hauge, Øyvind Horverak & Sturla Nordlund
Pia Rosenqvist: Lastenesmøtested – Statens institutt for rusmiddelforskning 50 år
(new page)



Författare: Kerstin Stenius, Kalle Tryggvesson, Heid Nøkleby, Maarja Kobin, Esa Österberg, Norman Giesbrecht, Ingeborg Rossow
Publikationsår: 2013
Publicerad: 2013-07-17 14:00:00
Språk: english, svenska
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