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5/13 Volume 30

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"If better relationships were developed, for example between alcohol and drug treatment services workers and young women, and this resulted in better outcomes for the mothers and their children, this may prevent later entry of parent-child dyads into the child protection system." - Anne-Marie Laslett


Kerstin Stenius 
Mothers who drink and use drugs too much – a problem to be taken seriously
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Research reports

Marja Holmila & Kirsimarja Raitasalo & Mikko Kosola
Mothers who abuse alcohol and drugs: Health and social harms among substanceabusing mothers of small children in three child cohorts
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Ilona Autti-Rämö
Safe sex advocacy and focus on the child lead to less sorrow
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Fartein Ask Torvik
What can we conclude from register-based prevalences
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Anne-Marie Laslett
Understanding the situation of mothers who misuse substances
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Mette Kronbæk & Vibeke Asmussen Frank
Perspectives on daily cannabis use: Consumerism or a problem for treatment?
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Anette Skårner & Bengt Svensson
Amphetamine use and sexual practices
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Venla Kuuluvainen & Pekka Isotalus
Communication of support in mutual-aid group meetings for alcoholics’ friends and relatives
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Robin C.Purshouse & Colin R. Angus & John Holmes
Reply to Klaus Mäkelä’s Cost-of-alcohol studies as a research programme
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Klaus Mäkelä
General welfare and the public good
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Måns Rosén
Analyser av alkoholkonsumtion och -skador måste beakta kohorteffekter
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News and notes

Johanna Järvinen-Tassopoulos
Salme Ahlström – A pioneer of social alcohol research
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Christoffer Tigerstedt
Some excerpts from Salme Ahlström’s eventful career
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Book Reviews

Bengt Svensson
Johan Edman: Vård & ideologi. Narkomanvården som politiskt slagfält (new page)  

Kim Møller
Anne Line Brettteville-Jensen (Ed.) Hva vet vi om cannabis? (new page)


Författare: Kerstin Stenius, Marja Holmila, Kirsimarja Raitasalo, Mikko Kosola, Mette Kronbaek, Vibeke asmussen Frank, Anette Skårner, Bengt Svensson, Venla Kuuluvainen, Pekka Isotalus
Publikationsår: 2013
Publicerad: 2013-10-27 14:00:00
Språk: english, svenska
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