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4/08 Volume 25

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Kerstin Stenius: Globalization

Research reports

Robin Room & Nina-Katri Gustafsson: The frequency of drinking in different sites in different Nordic areas, and the effects on it of changes in alcohol availability

Astrid Skretting & Hilgunn Olsen: The Norwegian injecting room trial: politics and controversies

Anders Bergmark: Specific and contextual treatment mechanisms

Commentaries to Anders Bergmark

Thomas Babor: When prophecy fails: Flying saucers, the second coming, and the treatment matching hypothesis

Anja Koski-Jännes: New clues for treatment research


Tuukka Tammi: Monopoly on gambling, monopoly on problems?


Jessica Palm: Harm reduction on the international agenda – Ihra-conference in Barcelona

Hildigunnur Ólafsdóttir: The Dublin meeting on alcohol research and industry

CLARION declaration

Kerstin Stenius: Nigerian meeting on alcohol and drug problems

Nordic alcohol statistics 2003-2007


Författare: 1) Room, R. & Gustafsson, N-K. 2) Skretting, A. & Olsen, H. 3) Bergmark, A.
Publikationsår: 2008
Publicerad: 2008-08-05 10:00:00
Språk: English
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