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4/14 Volume 31

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"The common approach to data collection goes far beyond just the use of the same questionnaire; it encompasses strict rules on sample selection, mode of administration and data cleaning. The strictness in study design and data collection procedures has undoubtedly contributed to the inestimable value of the survey" - Ludwig Kraus & Björn Hibell


Ludwig Kraus & Björn Hibell
Whence and whither: Strengths and future challenges of ESPAD (new page)

Research reports

Anna Kokkevi & Eleftheria Kanavou & Clive Richardson & Anastios Fotiou & Sonia Papadopoulou & Karin Monshouwer & Joao Matias & Deborah Olszewski
Polydrug use by European adolescents in the context of other problem behaviours
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Alessia Mammone & Francesco Fabi & Emanuela Colasante & Valeria Siciliano & Sabrina Molinaro & Ludwig Kraus & Carla Rossi
New indicators to evaluate and to compare harmful drug use among adolescents in 38 European countries
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Anders Romelsjö & Anna-Karin Danielsson & Peter Wennberg & Björn Hibell 
Cannabis use and drug related problems among adolescents in 27 European countries: The utility of the prevention paradox
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Anastasios Fotiou & Eleutheria Kanavou & Clive Richardson & Anna Kokkevi 
Trends in the association between prescribed and nonprescribed use of tranquillisers or sedatives among adolescents in 22 European countries
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Geir Scott Brunborg & Elin K. Bye & Ingeborg Rossow 
Collectivity of drinking behavior among adolescents: An analysis of the Norwegian ESPAD data 1995-2011
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Sigrid Vorobjov & Helve Saat & Merike Kull 
Social skills and their relationship to drug use among Estonian 15–16-year-old students: An analysis based on ESPAD data
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Ervin Toçi & Dorina Çanaku & Arjan Bregu & Eduard Kakarriqi & Enver Rosh & Genc Burazeri 
Demographic and social correlates of tobacco, alcohol and cannabis use among 15–16-year-old students in Albania: Results of the ESPAD survey
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Författare: Ludwig Kraus, Björn Hibell, Anna Kokkevi, Alessia Mammone, Anders Romelsjö, Anastasios Fotiou, Geir Scott Brunborg, Sigrid Vorobjov, Ervin Toci
Publikationsår: 2014
Publicerad: 2014-10-07 13:30:00
Språk: english
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