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5-6/14 Volume 31

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"The articles in this issue analyse the interplay between conceptualisations of problematic psychoactive substance use and its social handling. The project which resulted in these articles set out to compare conceptions of 'problem use/misuse under the heading of crime, addiction, public nuisance or similar conceptions'." - Robin Room


Robin Room 
“Hard-to-define abstract concepts”: Addiction terminology and the social handling of problematic substance use in Nordic societies (new page)

Research reports

Gunnar Sæbø
Away with tobacco? On the early understandings of tobacco as a problem and the associated attempts at political regulationof tobacco in Norway 1900–1930 (new page)

Mark Elam
From the birth of the smokers’ clinic to the invention of Nicorette®: Problematizing smoking as addiction in Sweden 1955–1971 (new page)

Matilda Hellman & Maija Majamäki & Pekka Hakkarainen
The implication of the concept “nikotiiniriippuvuus” in the Finnish tobacco discussion (new page)

Johan Edman & Börje Olsson
The Swedish drug problem: Conceptual understanding and problem handling, 1839–2011 (new page)

Esben Houborg
Construction and handling of drug problems in Denmark from the 1870s to the 1980s (new page)

Pia Rosenqvist & Kerstin Stenius
Medicalization of the social perspective: Changing conceptualizations of drug problems in Finnish social care and substance abuse treatment (new page)

Astrid Skretting
Governmental conceptions of the drug problem: A review of Norwegian governmental papers 1965–2012 (new page)

News and Notes

Christoffer Tigerstedt & Kerstin Stenius
Pia Rosenqvist: researcher,networker, friend – all in one! (new page)

The 2014 ISAJE Griffith Edwards Award (new page)


Författare: Robin Room, Gunnar Saebø, Mark Elam, Matilda Hellman, Johan Edman, Pia Rosenqvist, Astrid Skretting
Publikationsår: 2014
Publicerad: 2014-11-06 13:30:00
Språk: english
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