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5/12 Volume 29

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"They tend to drink the same amount as the group they are travelling with, but experience adverse outcomes, such as accidents, vomiting, blackouts, becoming more intoxicated than intended and getting into an argument, independently of their group.." - Morten Hesse et al.


Kerstin Stenius
ICARA – a global forum for research associations (new page)

Research reports

Broms, Ulla & Koskenvuo, Karoliina & Sillanmäki, Lauri H. & Mattila, Kari J. & Koskenvuo, Markku 
Best friend’s and family members’ smoking habits and parental divorce during childhood are associated with smoking in adulthood (new page)

Henriksen, Øystein 
”They must be 18 years old ... really”. Alcohol debut discourses at parent meetings within alcohol prevention programmes in school (new page)

Ingholt, Liselotte & Bang Sørensen, Betina & Axel, Erik & Asmussen Frank, Vibeke 
Rusmidler på teknisk skole: Forebyggelse, fællesskab og faglige rammer  (new page)

Hesse, Morten & Tutenges, Sébastien & Pedersen, Mads Uffe & Kofoed, Pernille Bouteloup 
An exploratory prospective study of young people’s drinking during a holiday (new page)

Buvik , Kristin & Sagvaag, Hildegunn 
Women, work and wine (new page)

Tryggvesson, Kalle 
”Sprutbyte – visst bara de slutar med droger”. Svenska myndigheters och politikers hantering av rena sprutor till narkomaner (new page)


Författare: Kerstin Stenius, Ulla Broms, Karoliina Koskenvuo, Lauri H. Sillanmäki, Kari J. Mattila, Markku Koskenvuo, Liselotte Ingholt, Betina Bang Sørensen, Erik Axel, Vibeke Asmussen Frank, Morten Hesse, Kristin Buvik, Hildegunn Sagvaag, Kalle Tryggvesson
Publikationsår: 2012
Publicerad: 2012-11-23 14:30:00
Språk: english, danska, svenska
  • Folkhälsa
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