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6/10 Volume 27

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Jessica Storbjörk: Alcohol and drug treatment systems research: a question of money, professionals, and democracy

Research reports and commentaries

Part 1: Theoretical perspectives on systems and models – critique and practice

Harold D. Holder: Substance abuse treatment as part of a total system of community response

Anders Bergmark: On the idea of treatment systems

Robin Room: Alcohol and drug treatment systems: What is mmeant, and what determines their development

Part 2: Comparing national systems or part of systems – descriptions and analysis

Astrid Skretting & Pia Rosenqvist: Shifting focus in substitution treatment in the Nordic countries

Lynda Berends & Barbara Hunter: It seemed like a good idea at the time: Experiences in centralised intake for alcohol and drug treatment across three jurisdictions

Jacek Moskalewicz: The forgotten stakeholders in the drug treatment system

Brian Rush: Tiered frameworks for planning substance use service delivery systems: Origins and key principles

Douglas Cameron: Implementing an ideology. A case study from Leicestershire, England

Mads Uffe Pedersen: Tiered frameworks and implementing ideologies in a Danish context

Sverre Nesvaag & Terje Lie: The Norwegian substance treatment reform: between New Public Management and conditions for good practice

Kristiina Kuussaari & Airi Partanen: Administrative challenges in the Finnish alcohol and drug treatment system

Constance Weisner & Agatha Hinman & Yun Lu & Felicia W. Chi & Jennifer Mertens: Addiction treatment ultimatums and U.S. health reform: A case study

Kristian Wahlbeck: Moving towards integrated addiction treatment systems

Part 3: Treatment systems from a global perspective

Thomas Babor & Vladimir Poznyak: The World Health Organization Substance Abuse Instrument for mapping services: rationale, structure and functions



Författare: 1) Holder, 2) Bergmark, 3) Room, 4) Skretting & Rosenqvist, 5) Berends & Hunter, 6) Moskalewicz, 7) Rush, 8) Cameron, 9) Pedersen, 10) Nesvaag & Lie, 11) Kuussaari & Partanen, 12) Weisner & Hinman & Lu & Chi & Mertens, 13) Wahlbeck, 14) Babor & Poznyak
Publikationsår: 2010
Publicerad: 2010-12-30 12:30:00
Språk: English
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