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6/12 Volume 29

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"Despite this increase both in the Nordic countries and throughout Europe, the development of PDT has attracted little research attention. This space will, we hope, be partly filled by the research papers in this issue." Kolind & Asmussen Frank


Vibeke Asmussen Frank & Torsten Kolind
Prison-based drug treatment and rehabilitation in the Nordic countries
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Research reports

Torsten Kolind & Vibeke Asmussen Frank & Helle Dahl & Mie Haller 
Prison drug treatment in Denmark: A historical outline and an analysis of the political debate
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Per Åke Nylander & Claes Holm & Elma Jukic & Odd Lindberg
Drug treatment in Swedish prisons – moving towards evidence-based interventions?
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Jouni Tourunen & Antti Weckroth & Teemu Kaskela
Prison-based drug treatment in Finland: History, shifts in policy making and current status
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Hedda Giertsen
Policy on drugs in Norwegian prisons: Increased control, answers to poverties and looking for a life after release
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Per Leimar
Information if you want it – the new Swedish Public Health Policy
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Griffith Edwards (1928–2012) (new page)

Nordic Alcohol Statistics

Ståle Østhus Nordic Alcohol Statistics 2007–2011


Författare: Torsten Kolind, Per Åke Nylander, Jouni Tourunen, Hedda Giertsen, Per Leimar, Kerstin Stenius
Publikationsår: 2012
Publicerad: 2012-12-31 12:30:00
Språk: english
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