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Country Reports Nordic Region

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A brief overview about the Nordic countries on population, the proportion of foreign born and asylum seekers.

Over the course of the last few decades the Nordic countries have changed radically. Since 1990 the population of the Nordic region has grown by 15 percent. Two thirds of the growth of the population is a result of net-immigration, i.e. the difference between immigration and emigration.

All together 2.9 million people have moved to live to the Nordic countries over the last decade. Previously, the immigrants of the Nordic region originated mainly from other Nordic countries. Nowadays, they come from a large number of countries. The state of the world strongly influences migration and many refugees have fled to the Nordic countries. For the countries this represents both opportunities and challenges. Integration has become a central issue on the agenda.

This is a brief overview aimed at providing basic information for each country: on population, the proportion of foreign-born and asylum seekers.

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  • Välfärdspolitik
  • Integration

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