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Smoking Cessation in the Nordic Region

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Every year around 50,000 people die from tobacco-related illnesses in the Nordic region. Measured in terms of morbidity and mortality, smoking is one of the greatest threats to public health. Initiatives to prevent smoking and to promote health could, therefore, be highly beneficial for the individual and society.

The Nordic Welfare Centre’s new publication, Smoking Cessation in the Nordic Region, provides an overview of the trends in smoking in the Nordic region while at the same illustrating how the work with smoking and tobacco cessation is structured in these countries.

Getting people to stop smoking costs money, but doing nothing also incurs high costs. Investments in services for smoking cessation are therefore essential in the battle against tobacco, regardless of the level at which it is fought.

Smoking Cessation in the Nordic Region (2018)

The publication has also been published in Danish: Rygeafvænning i Norden


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Författare: Nadja Frederiksen
Publikationsår: 2018
Publicerad: 2018-03-13 13:30:00
Språk: English
Antal sidor: 51
Förlag: Nordic Welfare Centre
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