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Strengthening the common Nordic Market for Welfare Technology

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The Nordic Think Tank for Welfare Technology is run by The Nordic Center for Welfare and Social Issues.

The think tank consists of ten carefully selected experts, two from each of the five Nordic countries. The experts selected are chosen based on their professional knowledge and experience and are all among the leading experts in their respective countries. To maintain an independent think tank, no expert is employed by the central administration of his or her home country.

The think tank selects and addresses one difficult question each year within the area of welfare technology. For 2015 the question was:

“How do we strengthen the common Nordic market for welfare technology?”


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Författare: Dennis C. Søndergård
Publikationsår: 2016
Publicerad: 2016-02-25 11:00:00
Språk: English
Antal sidor: 16
Förlag: The Nordic Center for Welfare and Social Issues
Tryckort: Stockholm
Ort: Stockholm
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