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Welfare Technology and Chronic Illnesses, unleashing the hidden potentital

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Looking at the political agenda for health and welfare across the five Nordic countries will reveal that patients with chronic illnesses and continued treatment of these is one of the main political priorities. This prioritization is based on the potential economic burden that faces the Nordic countries, should the number of patients with chronic illnesses keep rising.

Diseases like diabetes, COPD and dementia have, along with other chronic illnesses, become prevalent diseases and all prognosis indicate a continued increase in the coming years.

This publication is focused on how the Nordic countries can, more successfully, use welfare technology to better assist patients with chronic illnesses in their everyday life, as well as alleviate the growing economic challenge described in the section above.

This is done by identifying the primary barriers and challenges prohibiting wider and better use of welfare technology – and presenting a wide range of political recommendations on how best to solve these obstacles.

English version: Welfare Technology and Chronic Illnesses, unleashing the hidden potentital


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Författare: Dennis C. Søndergård
Publikationsår: 2016
Publicerad: 2016-11-29 15:30:00
Språk: English
Antal sidor: 14
Förlag: Nordic Welfare Centre
Tryckort: Stockholm
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