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NAT English Supplement 2006

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Kerstin Stenius: Youth and social integration

Research reports

Klaus Mäkelä: Ethical control of social research

Commentaries on Klaus Miäkelä's article

Betsy Thom: Ethical control of social science: Can research freedom and creativity survive?

Thomas F. Babor: Research Ethics: When the tail wags the dog

Philip Lalander: Confidentiality on the edge

Hilde Pape & Elisabet E. Storvoll: Teenagers' "use" of non-existent drugs. A study of false positives

Commentary on Pape & Storvoll's article

Hans Olav Melberg: Should liars be eliminated?

Thoroddur Bjarnason: Polarization in alcohol consumption among Icelandic adolescents, 1995-2003

Dag Leonardsen: Drinking among Japanese youth - a paradox for theories of alcohol availability?

Airi-Alina Allaste & Mikko Lagerspetz: Taking control by loosing control? Patterns of heroin addiction in Estonia

Mats Ramstedt: Alcohol poisonings in Sweden 1987-2004 - trends and temporal patterns in times of a rapidly rising population drinking

Jouni Vihmo: Price elasticities of alcoholic beverages in Finland in 1995-2004


Ragnar Hauge: Norwegian alcohol policy through the centuries


Alicia Rodriguez-Martos: The Spanish "botellón", a particular way of bingeing

Christina Gynnå Oguz: Legal opium production in Afghanistan - no solution

Commentaries on Gynnå Oguz's debate

Ambros Uchtenhagen: Legal opium production in Afghanistan - worth taken seriously

Habibullah Qaderi: The Afghanistan government says no to legalizing the production

Christina Gynnå Oguz: There is no quick fix

Book review

Geir Moshuus: Young immigrants of heroin: An ethnography of Oslo's street worlds (by Philip Lalander)

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