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NAT English Supplement 2003


Marja Holmila: Developing the science-based understanding of local prevention

Research reports

Jacek Moskalewicz & Antoni Zielinski: Forgotten or neglected experiences with community action on alcohol

Kim Conway & Sally Casswell: Riding the waves. The politics and funding context of twentyfive years of research on community action to reduce alcohol harm in New Zealand

Norman Giesbrecht: Alcohol, tobacco and local control. A comparison of several community-based prevention trials

Roland S. Moore & Harold D. Holder: Issues surrounding the institutionalization of local action programmes to prevent alcohol problems. Results from a community trial in the United States

Peter d’Abbs: Community action and the regulation of alcohol availability: Modelling the connections

Richard Midford et al.: The Partysafe project: Working with an Australian rural community to reduce alcohol harm

Marja Holmila: The evaluation of the Metropolitan project; process and causality

Project presentations

Kaija Seppä: Development of country-wide strategies for implementing Early Identification and Brief Alcohol Intervention (EIBI) in primary health care

Eva Wallin et al.: Effects of a community action programme on responsible beverage service (RBS)

Anders Romelsjö et al.: The evaluation of alcohol and drug abuse prevention in the 18 districts of Stockholm

Allaman Allamani et al.: Experiences from a community alcohol action research in Scandicci, Florence

Franca Beccaria et al.: ‘Listen to me, I have something to tell you’. Young people, alcohol and drugs: Peer education

Kirsimarja Raitasalo: Preventing adolescents’ alcohol and drug use by activating parents: Evaluation of the ‘Klaari Helsinki’ project

Thomas Karlsson & Jukka Törrönen: Local authorities views on changes in alcoholand drug prevention in three Finnish cities

Katariina Warpenius: From project chaos to flexible networking – a utopia? The establishment of a national network of municipal substance abuse prevention professionals

Leena Warsell & Pia Romppanen: From state-governed norms to decentralised steering by information. Alcohol and drug work strategies in Finnish municipalities

Seppo Soine-Rajanummi: The role of the police in three Finnish towns – the case of public drinking

Galina Korchagina et al.: Alcohol and suicidal behaviour in patients with depressive disorders: Implications for the local level

Elissa R. Weitzman et al.: Assessing success in a coalition-based environmental prevention programme targeting alcohol abuse and harms. Process measures from the Harvard School of Public Health ‘A Matter of Degree’ programme evaluation

Miles D. Townes & Johnetta L. Davis: ‘Success Stories’: Measuring successful community action in alcohol abuse prevention

John Purcell et al.: Redesign on the fly: Safer Bars and the Toronto experience

Pekka Sulkunen et al.: Translating back – evaluation as sociological intervention

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