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NAT English Supplement 2004


Kerstin Stenius: Changing landscapes

Research reports

Anders Bergmark: Risk, pleasure and information – notes concerning the discursive space of alcohol prevention

Toivo Hurme: Jumping out of Harm´s way – harm reduction in Finnish drug policy: conceptual problems and contradictions

Steven Riley Thomsen & Dag Rekve: Television and drinking expectancies – the influence of television viewing on positive drinking expectancies and alcohol use among US and Norwegian adolescents: A comparative analysis

Thomas Heikell & Elianne Riska: Men’s emotional inexpressivity – advertising for psychotropic drugs in Scandinavian medical journals

Maria Abrahamson: When I drank too much – young people in their 20s tell their stories

Thomas Karlsson & Christoffer Tigerstedt: Testing new models in Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish alcohol policies


Ragnar Hauge: Changes in Norwegian alcohol policy – from social welfare to market economy

Mats Ramstedt: The role of alcohol in the global and regional burden of disease

Policy, research and the industry

Kerstin Stenius: Conflicting interests

Ellen Gould: Negotiating under the influence – the WTO and corporate interests

Harry A. Lando: Strategies to reduce the global burden of tobacco

Thomas F. Babor & Ziming Xuan: Alcohol policy research and the grey literature – A Tale of Two Surveys

Anders Ulstein: Lunch with the industry?

Buprenorphine in the Nordic countries

Pia Rosenqvist: New winds sweeping the clinics and the streets

Henrik Thiesen & Morten Hesse: Buprenorphine treatment in Denmark

Airi Partanen & Jukka Mäki: Buprenorphine more common as a problem drug in Finland

Astrid Skretting & Catherine Dammen: From methadone to medicine-assisted rehabilitation

Anders Romelsjö: Subutex treatment in Sweden – an initial description

Book reviews

Robin Room (ed.): The effects of nordic alcohol policies – what happens to drinking and harm when alcohol controls change? (by Helgason, Tómas)

Thor Norström (ed.): Alcohol in postwar europe. ECAS I. Consumption, drinking patterns, consequences and policy responses in 15 European countries
Håkan Leifman & Esa Österberg & Mats Ramstedt (eds.): Alcohol in postwar Europe. ECAS II. A discussion of indicators on alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm (by Gabriel Romanus)

Thomas Karlsson & Esa Österberg (eds.): Alcohol policies in EU member states and Norway (by Bernt Bull)

Bühringer, G. et al.: Alcohol consumption and alcoholrelated problems in Germany (by Esa Österberg)

Thomas Babor (ed.): Alcohol – no ordinary commodity (by Sven Andréasson)

Thomas Babor (ed.): Alcohol – no ordinary commodity (by Pekka Sulkunen)

Espen Houborg Pedersen & Christoffer Tigerstedt (eds.): Regulating drugs – between users, the police and social workers (by Tuukka Tammi)

Keith Humphreys: Circles of recovery: self-help organizations for addictions (by Klaus Mäkelä)


Johan Sandelin: Drug use as a social indicator of well-being? Reflections on the conference “Globalization, youth cultures and drugs”


Nordic alcohol statistics 1993–2003

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