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NAT English Supplement 2005


Kerstin Stenius: The globalised alcohol and drug questions

Research reports

Martti Lehti & Janne Kivivuori: Alcohol-related violence as an explanation for the difference between homicide rates in Finland and the other Nordic countries

Jukka Törrönen & Antti Maunu: Going out, sociability, and cultural distinctions

Johan Edman: Treatment of what? Class, gender and work ethics within the compulsory institutional care of alcohol abusers in Sweden during the 20th century

Lisa Wallander & Jan Blomqvist: Who “needs” compulsory care? A factorial survey of Swedish social workers’ assessments of clients in relation to the Care of Abusers (Special Provisions) Act

Thor Norström: The price elasticity for alcohol in Sweden 1984–2003


Thomas Karlsson & Esa Österberg & Christoffer Tigerstedt: Developing border regions, regulating alcohol in the Nordic countries

Antti Maunu & Ellen O. Millar: Societal structures or situated practices? A review of Nordic qualitative literature on recreational intoxicant-use among young adults

Partying and substance use

Mikko Salasuo: Partying and drug use in Helsinki, Liverpool and Tallinn

Mark A. Bellis & Karen Hughes: Nightlife in Liverpool

Airi-Alina Allaste: Nightlife and substance use in Tallinn

Mikko Salasuo & Pauliina Seppälä: The party scene of Helsinki

WHO and the alcohol question

Robin Room: Alcohol and the World Health Organization: The ups and downs of two decades

Bernt Bull: The Nordic countries and the WHO Resolution on Alcohol

Treatment reforms

Astrid Skretting: From client to patient: Will the Norwegian substance abuse treatment reform mean better access to treatment?

Mads Uffe Pedersen: A Danish perspective on the treatment of substance users in Norway

Book reviews

Eva Wallin: Responsible Beverage Service (by Katariina Warpenius)

Philip Lalander: Hooked on heroin (by Hedda Giertsen)

Anne Line Bretteville-Jensen: Understanding the demand for illicit drugs (by Louisa Degenhardt)

Helge Waal & Egil Haga (eds.): Maintenance Treatment of Heroin Addiction (by Morten Hesse)

Thomas F. Babor & Kerstin Stenius & Susan Savva (eds.): Publishing Addiction Science (by Pekka Sulkunen)

Thomas F. Babor & Kerstin Stenius & Susan Savva (eds.): Publishing Addiction Science (by Mats Berglund)

Pia Rosenqvist & Jan Blomqvist & Anja Koski-Jännes & Leif Öjesjö (eds.): Addiction and Life Course (by Betsy Thom)


Nordic alchol statistics 1993–2004

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