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NAT English Supplement 2000


Thomas Rosenberg: When everyone is young

Research on Youth and Alcohol and Drugs. Five Commentaries

Gestur Guqmundsson: The required meeting of youth research and alcohol and drug research

Anne-Stina Sørensen: Social and (sub)cultural construction of substance use

Tommi Hoikkala & Pekka Hakkarainen: Need for an ethnografic approach

Hilde Pape & Ingeborg Rossow: Challenges from a quantitative and epidemiological research perspective

Philip Lalander & Bengt Svensson: A cultural analytical perspective

Reasearch reports

Ingrid Sahlin: Conceptual and functional aspects of prevention

Björn Borschos: Drink-driving offences among Swedish youths. Recent trends in development

Anne Holtung & Ingeborg Rossow: Abstinence in young adulthood. Psychosocial characteristics and impact of parental drinking habits

Fanny Duckert: What kind of changes can be expected in drinking patterns after treatment?

Ingeborg Lund & Björn Trolldal & Trygve Ugland: Norwegian-Swedish cross-border trade in alcoholic beverages


Nils Christie: Shameful pain

Ron Roizen & Kaye Middleton Fillmore: The coming crisis in alcohol social science

Book reviews

Irmgard Eisenbach-Stangl & Pia Rosenqvist (eds.): Diversity in Unity. Studies of Alcoholics Anonymous in Eight Societies (by Geoffrey Hunt)

Ilkka Arminen: Therapeutic Interaction. A Study of Mutual Help in the Meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous (by Lars Christer Hydén)

Richard W. Wilsnack & Sharon C. Wilsnack (eds.): Gender and Alcohol. Individual and Social Perspectives (by Karin Helmersson Bergmark)

Helge Waal (ed.): Patterns on the European drug scene. An exploration of differences (by Markku Soikkeli)

Amador Calafat et al.: Night life in Europe and recreative drug use (by Pauliina Seppälä)

Franca Beccaria & Amadeo Cottino & Odilo Guidoni Vidoni: Alcohol and Young People. Youth Narratives (by Philip Lalander)

Arne Gerdner: Compulsory treatment for alcohol use disorders (by Mats Ekendahl)


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